alli works when you work

alli isn't a magic bullet which makes dieting easy. It's designed to be used with a reduced calorie, low fat diet and active exercise plan, and can reward your efforts by boosting your weight loss. So for every 2 lb you work to lose, adding alli can help you lose 1 lb more. alli works by blocking about 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed so makes your healthy choices even healthier.

When you follow the alli programme, you have access to a range of support tools to help you on your weight loss journey. You'll also learn new habits to help you reach and maintain a healthier weight; from setting your personal daily fat and calorie targets based on your current weight and activity levels, to which foods to avoid.

Watch how alli works inside the body

alli works in a unique way. The active ingredient, orlistat, attaches itself to some of the body's natural enzymes that break down fat, so you don't absorb it. This prevents some of the fat you eat from being absorbed.

alli is clinically proven to boost weight loss when added to a reduced calorie, lower fat diet. alli is the only clinically proven, pharmacy-only weight loss aid medicine in the UK - it isn't a miracle pill or quick-fix solution. It encourages steady, gradual weight loss and helps to reward your efforts where it matters - the scales.

alli isn't a stimulant or an appetite suppressant. It's formulated to work only in your digestive system and should not affect your heart rate, your brain or cause sleeplessness. The safety and efficacy of orlistat, the active ingredient in alli , has been established in more than 100 clinical studies with data from over 30,000 people.

alli knows that to achieve healthy weight loss you simply need to eat a reduced calorie, lower fat diet and be a bit more active. Taking alli on top of this simply helps your hard work, work harder.

Does alli have a good safety profile?

  • Orlistat (the active ingredient of alli) has been widely studied in over 100 clinical trials and has a well established safety and efficacy profile.
  • Unlike many other weight loss products you can buy, alli has been clinically proven to boost weight loss. alli is a weight loss aid that has a medical licence. This means it has been rigorously tested in clinical trials.
  • alli is the only clinically proven, pharmacy-only weight loss aid medicine in the UK.
  • alli can help people reach a healthier weight. Losing weight helps to reduce the risk of developing serious health problems - such as strokes and diabetes.

What's your pharmacist's role?

  • alli is only available from pharmacies. Just ask at the pharmacy counter.
  • alli is only suitable for adults who are overweight and have a BMI of 28 or above.
  • Your pharmacist can help you decide whether alli is right for you or you can check your BMI here.

How to take alli

Glass of water with alli shuttle
  • alli should be taken three times a day at mealtimes - before, during or up to one hour after each meal.
  • alli capsule should be swallowed whole with water.
  • Do not take more than three capsule a day.
  • You should also take a multivitamin every day at bedtime to ensure adequate absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K.
  • Don't take alli if you're going to eat a meal that doesn't contain fat or if you miss a meal.

What formats is alli available in?

  • alli is available in a capsule format only.
  • alli capsule contain orlistat.


We know losing weight can be really hard work, that's why with the alli programme you'll get, tips and advice to help you lose weight now and help you keep it off so you can maintain your new healthier weight.